Dr Thuppil Venkatesh

Dr Thuppil Venkatesh is currently The Director for the National Referral Centre for lead projects inIndia (NRCLPI) and National Chairman for the Indian Society for Lead Awareness and Research (InSLAR) and holding the chair of a Professor Emeritus at St John’s Medical College Bangalore India.

Dr Venkatesh was one of the team member to introduce the unleaded gasoline in India during the March 2000. As the National Chairman of a task force committee to fix the lead content in decorative paints has provided inputs to the Government of India to fix the paint lead level below 90 ppm on a mandatory basis. Has been actively involved in third party certification program to the lead based industry in India. Dr Venkatesh has worked in the area of lead and other toxic heavy metals in cosmetics and traditional and folk medicine apart from creating much needed awareness amongst school teachers and students. Has organized over 30 National seminars and conferences on lead its impact on health which include the recently organized Lead Environment and Health an International conference which was presided over by Dr Lesley Onyon from WHO at All India Institute of Medical Sciences Jodhpur during 25 and 26 of October 2015

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